Customise stockings pattern

This page describes how to customise the seamed stockings pattern to your measurement and then download either
  • a PDF or SVG of the pattern
  • the editable pattern as a Seamly2D .VAL and .VIT file.
See Joining the MrDoo pattern sharing group for details of registering at and joining the ‘Mr Doo’s primer’ group.

1. Pin the pattern

‘Pinning’ a pattern that is shared with you via a group puts the pattern in the  ‘Pinned patterns’ list. 2018-04-21_17-11-20.png Click the ellipsis (…) to invoke the menu for the pattern and choose to customise it for your own measurements. (You can also store measurements for other individuals.) 2018-04-21_17-13-04.png Then, from the customisation form press the [Enter measurements] button. 2018-04-21_17-16-00.png This will lead to a page into which the required measurements can be entered. 2018-04-21_17-16-38.png Once all the measurements are entered you can close this form. 2018-04-21_17-30-27.png We’ll now check that the pattern looks okay with the measurements entered.  Firstly navigate back to the customisation form.
The pattern should look something like this… 2020-11-15_12-29-14 Zoom in to the heel section and check this looks reasonable. Switch to the Export tab.  Click the appropriate option to create a PDF or SVG. 2020-11-15_12-29-49 Enter page size and margins.  The pattern must fit onto the size of page selected.  Tiling to a smaller page size (e.g. for an A4 printer) must be done using other tools. 2020-11-15_12-30-26 The exports that you have created now show on the Export tab. 2020-11-15_12-31-42 You can also export the pattern to edit in Seamly2D, or, import it through your my-pattern homepage to edit parameters within the my-pattern website.