Customise Catsuit pattern

Show the pattern.

The pattern initially displays with the shared measurements.

Switch to the measurements tab.

Click [Add commission] to associate this pattern with an individual.

Pick the person the pattern should be customised for. Then proceed to enter measurements.

Enter measurements. All measurements are required.

See Catsuit measurements guide.

Then return to the pattern. This should now be showing your measurements.

Switch to ‘Draw’ tab. The pattern is now displayed using your measurements.

Use scroll down/up to zoom in/out, and click and drag to pan the drawing.

Check that the curves for each pattern piece look reasonable. If they do not then double check your measurements.

Switch to the ‘Export’ tab to prepare an export of the pattern.

Choose the parameters and paper size. The paper size must be big enough to hold the pattern, e.g. 24″ roll paper. Then click ‘Generate layout’. The generation may take a couple of minutes.

The exported file should then be downloadable.

Check the export looks reasonable.

The pieces should be similar to the pattern exported with the shared measurements. If the curves do not look similar then please contact me.

Final steps to prepare pattern

I recommend using the SVG output as you can then make some final edits before printing.

The pattern includes two alternative front pieces.  The ‘flat front’ makes no allowance for the male anatomy. Discard one of the two front pieces.

The Back piece around the armhole may need fixing. There should be 7 evenly spaced notches on the part of the armscye that is on the Back.  However it seems that sometimes the lines are vertical when they should be perpendicular to the edge.   Pick up the end of the line and drag it to the outer seam. 

Consider whether you want any zips (I built the one pictured as neck-entry).   Change the appropriate edges to allow for the zips.   See: HOW TO: INSERT ZIPS.

The following image shows the recommended gluing approach and the order of construction.   Mark up your pattern accordingly.

fas afsdf asdf asdf asdf

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