Making: Superman

The superman inspired catsuit project consists of the following:

The pattern pieces can be downloaded below.


Please note that the superman shield emblem is a registered trademark of DC Comics and my use of it here is not in relation to offering any product or service, just a blog of my personal use for my own amusement and therefore I believe it to be “fair use”.  I believe the original copyright will have stemmed from 1938 and therefore expired and be in the public domain (I may be wrong on this), however trademark protection has no expiry date.

These patterns are for a specific size (Mr. Doo size) 105cm chest; 84cm waist; 84cm inside leg,  185cm 6ft 1″ tall.  Unless you happen to be identical you will need to adjust the patterns to suit.

Catsuit & pants: idraw (zipped), PDFs: ABCDEFGHIJKLlogo, and optionally bucklegrips.

Cape: idraw (zipped), PDFs: patterncutout guide A3.

Also see: How to: Print patterns.



6 thoughts on “Making: Superman

  1. Hi Mr Doo, love your designs, especially this and the stewardess outfit. I’m trying to find the superman blue, but I’m having trouble. Do you know who produces it? maybe a product code? Thanks!


    1. Thanks for your comments. I am pretty sure, having looked through my orders, that it is Radical Rubber S110 Mid Blue. Both Radical Rubber and Supatex provide reasonably priced colour swatches.


  2. is it possible to make a guide how to adjust sizing for other body? do you accept request for custom patterns, willing to pay, thank you!


    1. As it happens, I’ve been working on a measurements-driven catsuit pattern. I’m on the third trial run, so it is getting close to being usable. There are quite a few measurements that are required, and I still need to finish the guide for how to take the measurements. When this is ready it would be a useful test for me to see how the pattern behaves with someone else’s measurements.


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