Catsuit pattern shared

The L032 Men’s catsuit pattern (0.3) is now shared on

Note: this pattern is currently in BETA! It needs to be tested with other people’s measurements in order to tweak some of the bezier curves. You are welcome to be a beta tester!

See Catsuit measurements guide for taking the required measurements. Please double check all measurements.

See Joining the MrDoo pattern sharing group for details on how to join my group on

See the first couple of steps from Customise stockings pattern for an example of how to pin the pattern, and enter your measurements. Note, this page needs updating to match the latest functionality from

I will post some more detailed and up to date instructions when I can.

I am happy to check the result of running the pattern with your measurements before you start cutting.

Measurements driven catsuit pattern

Finally progressed my measurements-driven catsuit pattern to the point where I’m happy with the results. This has been slowly refined through a number of iterations, whilst simultaneously improving the pattern sharing site.

Hopefully the pattern will work for other people’s measurements too, provided the body shape isn’t too dissimilar. There are a number of bezier control points in the pattern that may need some refinement to work nicely with other’s measurements, so it would be useful to get some example sets of measurements.

There are quite a few body measurements required, and they need to be taken very precisely. My next task is to write up some guidance for taking the measurements.

Bishop sleeve ‘Garbo’ blouse

Mrs Doo liked a latex top that she spotted on TV and she identified it as the ‘Garbo’ blouse by Syren. Could I make her something similar she asked?

It seems that this Syren top is somewhat of an icon.

Here is the my interpretation…

In my version the blouse is actually a body, and has a keyhole at the back rather than a zip.

I also created a matching skirt, using 6 panels so that the seams would follow on from the blouse, making it look like a dress rather than top and skirt.

I’ve created a walkthrough of the build for the top and skirt.

I created the pattern using Seamly 2D, using the method from ‘The Practical Guide To Patternmaking For Fashion Designers: Juniors, Misses, And Women‘ for the bodice and briefs from ‘Lingerie Design – A Complete Course‘  for the lower part, merging these patterns in a drawing tool.  I still need to refine the pattern before I can share it, so that it doesn’t need any steps to be done in a drawing tool.

The Bishop sleeve was based on the image I found in Pinterest:

Customisable stockings pattern

Seamed Stockings rev.6 is a pattern developed in the excellent Seamly 2D pattern development software.   I have published this pattern on to my MrDoo group.   This allows you to do two things:

  • Customise the pattern to your own measurements in the cloud environment and download the patterns as PDF or SVG.  This option allows you to customise the pattern to your measurements without needing to install Seamly2D or get to grips with pattern development.
  • Download the pattern source file for editing in the Seamly 2D desktop application.  You can see how the pattern was developed, adjust variables such as the size of the stocking top, and develop it further to your own liking. 

I have published this pattern under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC licence.

See Joining the MrDoo pattern sharing group (now simplified!) and Customise stockings pattern for how to get started.

Customisable patterns!

Those that checked on this blog in 2017 and the first half of 2018 may have noticed a shortage of new articles, something I hope to put right in the second half 2018.  

I have been putting together a mechanism for sharing latex patterns that allows the patterns to be customised automatically to your own measurements.  This has entailed getting to grips with an excellent open-source pattern development program ‘Seamly 2D’ and building an infrastructure for sharing the patterns online. 

The first pattern will be a revival of the stockings project.   If people find automatically customisable patterns useful then I’ll go on to work through a series of basic patterns from which you can build on with your own ideas.