Customisable patterns!

Those that checked on this blog in 2017 and the first half of 2018 may have noticed a shortage of new articles, something I hope to put right in the second half 2018.  

I have been putting together a mechanism for sharing latex patterns that allows the patterns to be customised automatically to your own measurements.  This has entailed getting to grips with an excellent open-source pattern development program ‘Seamly 2D’ and building an infrastructure for sharing the patterns online. 

The first pattern will be a revival of the stockings project.   If people find automatically customisable patterns useful then I’ll go on to work through a series of basic patterns from which you can build on with your own ideas.

Contrast trim howto update


I’ve updated the How to: Contrast trim page with some pictures I took from this quick 1930s male swimsuit project.

I had some offcuts of red and blue that I’d picked up from Radical Rubber’s offcuts bin (unfortunately they’ve stopped selling their offcuts since moving to Islington) and thought this would be a fun little project.



The first instalment of the superman catsuit how-to is now available.

The hard bit was designing the pattern for the folding that allows the full width of the cape to flow from the shoulders.

Pictures of the full suit coming soon!

Spring Clean

MrDooStewardessBag_-4622I’ve tidied up the stewardess outfit pages and the links to the patterns.  All the patterns are now available in both PDF and the original iDraw (now actually called Autodesk Graphic) files.

I’ve included some information on the matching bag for the stewardess outfit.  This was done on a home laser cutter and i’ll be posting more information on this technique soon.

Also coming soon is the walk through for my superman outfit!