Bishop sleeve ‘Garbo’ blouse

Mrs Doo liked a latex top that she spotted on TV and she identified it as the ‘Garbo’ blouse by Syren. Could I make her something similar she asked?

It seems that this Syren top is somewhat of an icon.

Here is the my interpretation…

In my version the blouse is actually a body, and has a keyhole at the back rather than a zip.

I also created a matching skirt, using 6 panels so that the seams would follow on from the blouse, making it look like a dress rather than top and skirt.

I’ve created a walkthrough of the build for the top and skirt.

I created the pattern using Seamly 2D, using the method from ‘The Practical Guide To Patternmaking For Fashion Designers: Juniors, Misses, And Women‘ for the bodice and briefs from ‘Lingerie Design – A Complete Course‘  for the lower part, merging these patterns in a drawing tool.  I still need to refine the pattern before I can share it, so that it doesn’t need any steps to be done in a drawing tool.

The Bishop sleeve was based on the image I found in Pinterest:

5 thoughts on “Bishop sleeve ‘Garbo’ blouse

  1. Hello Mr Doo. I’ve been looking for a contact address to request permission to share one of your photos (with credit of course). Please get in touch if you see this.


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