Other Links

Other Making sites

MakingLatexClothing – Superbly stylish site, though the last post was some while ago.

ZITRONENRÖLLCHEN – Useful source of ideas and patterns.

Latex Patterns – patterns in DXF format (AutoCAD / Adobe Illustrator)

Simplify Latex Crafting


Club Rub – The workshop that got Mr Doo started.

Triple L

Retailers – the most stylish

If you decide that making your own is not for you, or to see what is possible, the following are a good place to start:



Atsuko Kudo


House of Harlot

Lady Lucie

High Gloss Dolls

William Wilde

Pandora Deluxe

Maggie Delena

Tight Side Latex

Help! Please suggest others (high style, low kinkiness) that should be listed here, especially those for other regions.

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