Customisable stockings pattern

Seamed Stockings rev.6 is a pattern developed in the excellent Seamly 2D pattern development software.   I have published this pattern on to my MrDoo group.   This allows you to do two things:

  • Customise the pattern to your own measurements in the cloud environment and download the patterns as PDF or SVG.  This option allows you to customise the pattern to your measurements without needing to install Seamly2D or get to grips with pattern development.
  • Download the pattern source file for editing in the Seamly 2D desktop application.  You can see how the pattern was developed, adjust variables such as the size of the stocking top, and develop it further to your own liking. 

I have published this pattern under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC licence.

See Joining the MrDoo pattern sharing group (now simplified!) and Customise stockings pattern for how to get started.

8 thoughts on “Customisable stockings pattern

  1. It worked! I downloaded the pattern, used Seamly2d locally, changed the top width variable, printed tiled onto A4, copied to the latex, cut out and glued one leg and it fits great.

    I think I managed to assemble in the wrong order, so the heel part is completely on the outside rather than I suspect you planned for the inside. I did toe to toe first, sole to heel, then attached the toe section to the main body.

    Now to make some fancy frilly bits for the top.

    Thanks!!!!!! Yui

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    1. Excellent! Thanks for letting me know.

      I plan to do a set of step-by-step instructions, but clearly you didn’t need them!
      The sole and heel are intended to be on the outside, so it sounds like you constructed in the right sequence.
      If you have a picture of the finished item that you’re happy to share on the blog then let me know.

      Mr Doo.


      1. Yes of course, i’ll finish the other one, add the frilly bits, shine them, etc and send a pic. From the front. So you don’t see my seams. Lol. They are not particularly even, I wonder if I should mark a line next time so I get a consistent overlap.


  2. I finished them. For anyone interested from having the pattern printed to having finished stockings without the trims took 5 hours in total. I always find it amazing how long it takes to transfer and cut out the patterns. Then another 3 hours for the stripes and box pleat tops. In this pic there are a few wrinkles but that’s just because they’re worn over the top of a lycra bodysuit (hadatai), on skin they are absolutely perfect.


  3. Thanks so much for this pattern. I’ve been searching for a stocking pattern for a while and this looks fantastic! Can’t wait to try it.

    I have a question if you don’t mind. Do you have any tips on glueing Latex pieces together for example in corset construction where pieces are laminated to enclose the boning. I’ve tried and always seem to end up with unsightly dimples and ripples as I can’t seem to get the glue smooth enough. If you have any advice I’d really appreciate it.

    Thanks again for the blog and all your advice!


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