Customise stockings pattern

This page describes how to customise the seamed stockings pattern to your measurement and then download either

  • a PDF or SVG of the pattern
  • the editable pattern as a Seamly2D .VAL and .VIT file.

See Joining the MrDoo pattern sharing group for details of registering at and joining the ‘Mr Doo’s primer’ group.

1. Pin the pattern

‘Pinning’ a pattern that is shared with you via a group puts the pattern in the  ‘Pinned patterns’ list.


Click the ellipsis (…) to invoke the menu for the pattern and choose to customise it for your own measurements. (You can also store measurements for other individuals.)


Then, from the customisation form press the [Enter measurements] button.


This will lead to a page into which the required measurements can be entered.


Once all the measurements are entered you can close this form.


We’ll now check that the pattern looks okay with the measurements entered.  Firstly navigate back to the customisation form.


And press the [Generate previews] button.


The preview can be used to check that the pattern has worked for the measurements entered.


You can now generate a layout for printing, either as PDF or SVG.


After picking the format, paper size and margins click the [Generate layout] button.  When the pattern has been exported for this layout then it will be available for download:


You can also organise pattern layouts from the pattern customisation context menu:


The ‘Export’ option allows you to download the pattern, measurements and latest layout.