Updated instructions for exporting catsuit pattern

There are now instructions for entering your measurements for the catsuit pattern and exporting as PDF or SVG.

I hope to create some instructions soon to cover checking the pattern and adding gluing instructions.

This pattern is in beta test! It has only been used with my measurements. Please let me know if you would like me to check the resulting pattern before proceeding to use it.

Updated the previous post.

10 thoughts on “Updated instructions for exporting catsuit pattern

  1. hi could i possibly plug in my measurements as a woman and get a pretty decent female catsuit? i’m having real hard time finding a decent latex catsuit pattern for women.


    1. Hi
      It is my intention to move on to the female catsuit pattern. Until then, I have another pattern for a women’s top (not yet published on the site) and the two could be grafted together at the waist. If you’re happy to populate a set of measurements and share these, then we can see how this might work.


  2. Hello
    I have an issue with the export step, valentina/seamly 2D crash each time I try to open the files with my measurements, and the web version can’t generate previews, or export in SVG or PDF, even after a few hours.
    Any idea on how to fix it ?
    Thanks a lot


    1. I have noticed that is happening for a couple of patterns. I’ll investigate as soon as I can. I suspect that there is a combination of measurements that do not intersect as they should and that this is causing the Seamly2D executable to loop endlessly.


  3. Do you know when the pattern will be back online? I’m super interested in this pattern for a D&D inspired character costume and I’d love to get it in my size if possible. Let me know, thank you!


    1. Hi. It should be online again after this Friday. There was an infrastructure failure that the provider has not been able to meet their SLA. Should be back to normal soon. Thanks for your patience.


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