Catsuit pattern shared

The L032 Men’s catsuit pattern (0.3) is now shared on

Note: this pattern is currently in BETA! It needs to be tested with other people’s measurements in order to tweak some of the bezier curves. You are welcome to be a beta tester!

See Catsuit measurements guide for taking the required measurements. Please double check all measurements.

See Joining the MrDoo pattern sharing group for details on how to join my group on

See Customise Catsuit pattern for how to pin the shared pattern, enter your measurements, and export a PDF/SVG.

I will post some more detailed and up to date instructions when I can.

I am happy to check the result of running the pattern with your measurements before you start cutting.

10 thoughts on “Catsuit pattern shared

  1. Awesome of you to do this. I’m about to start measuring. If I have any questions or points that need clarifying what’s the best way of putting them to you? A replies on the blog?


  2. export does not work, I see layouts exported and SVG preview but no link to PDF download, also could you please check patter, there are some bad curves (created 2022-05-11 exported:
    2022-10-16 08:04:10 PDF Letter
    2022-10-16 08:02:10 PDF (tiled) Letter
    2022-10-16 07:43:30 PDF (tiled) Letter

    thank you!


      1. yes! also please take a look for measurements, patter seems broken and I can’t figure out which number I put wrong


      2. yes, I did but without images, 10MB limit and cant reply to you directly as this is spare email for privacy


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