Men’s catsuit now with feet

Version 6 of my men’s catsuit pattern is now available.

This version adds optional socks. There is a variable #adaptAnkleForIntegratedSock which can be set to 0 or 1 and controls whether the ankle hem is transformed to attach feet. There is an additional sock top and sock sole pattern piece.

This versions also uses groups to hide the majority of drawing objects by default to make the basic geometry clearer.

As with previous versions, the geometry is entirely driven by measurements, and these must be taken carefully and consistently. If the pattern doesn’t work then please check your measurements, and then drop me a message.

You can easily compare how the pattern looks with your measurements compared to the example.

Scroll up/down on the pattern drawing to zoom out/in, and click and drag to pan.

This version also fixes an issue with the alignment notches on the back armscye.


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