Review – Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear

Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear – 5th Edition
Winifred Aldrich
Hardback, 200 pages.
ISBN 978-1405182935

This is the menswear equivalent of Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s Wear, by the same author.

Undoubtedly a great reference for someone wanting to make a variety of mens clothes, it has patterns from everything from pyjamas and dungarees to suits and shirts.  The book is packed with detailed pattern blocks and variations for different sleeve designs, collars etc..

For me this is less useful than the women’s wear equivalent.  This is at least partly because I have more interest in making women’s latex clothes – in general I find latex translates better to women’s fashions. Traditionally fewer items of menswear are closely form fitting and hence most of the patterns in the book are for items that won’t be most people’s first choice of latex projects.  There are patterns for sportswear, but unfortunately not for modern many-paneled sportswear that might adapt easily to a catsuit.

Unlike the women’s wear version the patterns in this book include seam allowances and this would need to be taken into account when using the patterns for latex.  The pieces would need to be adjusted for a much smaller seam allowance.

If you were going to buy one book to get started with drafting patterns then my recommendation would be the women’s wear version.