Making: Superman – catsuit p2

Part 2 – putting the fly zip in the front piece.

There are two zips, one for the fly and the one in the back panel.

The pictures below show the zips wrapped in clingfilm.  They have been prepared by saturating the fabric part of the zip in copydex and then rolling it and then hanging it out to dry.   How to: Insert zips.

These zips were originally open ended (can be separated completely).  We are converting them to closed zips.   Cut the zips to the desired length using a scalpel by cutting off the bottom (not the top).

A blob of epoxy adhesive (I’m using Araldite rapid) will permanently close the cut end of the zip.  (I believe some people melt the zip plastic instead.)


Some stitches over the epoxy will give the latex adhesive an area to bond with.


For the fly zip I have also used some stitches to hold the top of the zip together.



The top of the opening for the fly zip has a but join.  You can see the slit above.  Use some tape on the gloss side to hold the joint exactly in place.


With the tape on the gloss side, the but join is invisible – though it has not been glued.


Area should be cleaned and glued with a considerable margin.  Then the reinforcement piece can be incorporated.


The pictures below shows the reinforced area (inside and outside).


Apply glue to the reinforcement panel and then smooth the zip into place.  Be careful not to stretch the latex as it must be uniformly applied.


Check that this looks neat on the proper side.


Prepare the panel that will cover the inside of the zip.  Because the zip comes almost to the end of the panel, the next layer (red in the picture below) would overlap the end.  Instead we won’t allow it to bond (by protecting it with clingfillm)  with the front piece for the last 1cm. When the front body piece is finally joined to the rear body piece then the join can be completed.


And glue it into place – except the last 1cm as described above.


Prepare the inside flap for the zip.  This is glued at the top and bottom, but only along one side!


And glue into place.


The finished fly zip.


Now proceed to part 3.