Making: Superman – catsuit

There are a large number of photos in this walkthrough, so the build has been partitioned into the following sections:

  • Part 0 – print pattern and cut pieces
  • Part 1 – create logo in front piece
  • Part 2 – putting the fly zip in the front piece.
  • Part 3 – rear zip
  • Part 4 – main build

Links to download the pattern are at the bottom of this page.

Part 0

Trace and cut out all pieces.

Mark out all the pieces, taking note of the colour required for each, and where pieces have a mirror image.


Pieces cut out. The S logo is a printout onto film at this point.


Ensure all pieces are clearly marked with their identity, left-right handedness, gluing sides, construction order and alignment marks.


This photo shows how the two sleeve pieces match up to the 4 body pieces.


Now proceed to part 1.


Complete pattern in editable form (iDraw) – Catsuit Superman 1.4 PUB.idraw

Pattern pieces (PDF):

Catsuit Superman 1.4 ABCDE
Main catsuit pattern pieces.
Catsuit Superman 1.4 FGHIJKL
Red pattern pieces: boots, pants.
Catsuit Superman 1.4 logo
Log. Yellow parts for red background.
Catsuit Superman 1.4 N,O
Grips for boot soles
Catsuit Superman 1.4 M
Belt buckle