Making: Pan Am inspired latex stewardess bag

Here are some details of the bag I created for the Pan Am inspired stewardess shoot.  Unfortunately I didn’t take the usual amount of photos covering the construction.  Please contact me if you would like further information.

The basic pattern shapes: front (pdf)rear (pdf)pattern (pdf).

The logo was cut from PDF using a laser cutter.


Then cleaned (laser cutting produces a unpleasant fluid around the cut), and glued.  The unwanted pieces were then removed.


And laid on the white latex piece that was cleaned but not glued.


The handles were made from foam wrapped in latex.  In order to prevent them from being stretchy a 10mm cotton tape was used along the inside of the handle as show below..


The main construction used 20mm cotton tape to provide structure from the end of the handles through the base and to the handles on the other side.


Each side was a sandwich of two pieces of latex with a 3mm foam panel and a cardboard panel within the sandwich to provide structure.

The base inside the bag is re-inforced with a thin panel of wood, again so that the bag retains its shape.

The edges were then joined with piping formed from latex wrapped cord (similar construction to the matching hat). See How to: Create round cross section piping.