How to: Print patterns onto lining paper

Lining paper (underwear for wallpaper) is good for patterns as it is just stiff enough to be able to draw around but easily managed.

If your printer can take roll paper then you may be able to print directly onto the lining paper.  The printer that I’m using is an Epson R2880 which takes A3+ paper.  The maximum width for roll paper is 330mm.  Lining paper (from Wilko, 1000grade) is 560mm wide – it needs cutting to size.

To cut the roll of lining paper:

  1. ensure that it is accurately rolled
  2. carefully measure 330mm and mark several times around the roll
  3. circle with masking tape, lined up with the marks
  4. cut with a large hacksaw (carefully) – do this where some paper dust is acceptable

You now have paper of the right width.  All that remains is to let the spool loosen sufficiently so that the printer’s roll paper holders can be used.

Remember to tell the printer to use Roll paper and that it is Plain Paper.



Set page size to 32.6cm wide (or some multiple of) and length as befits pattern pieces.

12.95 inches = 32.893cm max width
129″ max length

Print Driver

Custom Paper:
Roll 327mm x 650mm
Page Setup: Roll Paper
Media Type: plain papers
Roll Paper Option: Banner

After printing

De-curve the printout by pulling against a ruler.
Keep old rotary cutter blades for cutting out patter pieces.
The linex ruler is better for paper as it has a non-grip back.

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