Making: Pan Am inspired latex stewardess skirt

This tutorial is for making a skirt, in this case to go with the Pan Am inspired stewardess outfit.

This skirt pattern is basically the same pattern that I created before, but with a self folding kick pleat at the rear.  This means that the skirt retains its straight shape as if it had no slit, but does allow the wearer some movement.

The basic steps are the same as for other tutorials:

  • adjust pattern to fit
  • print pattern onto paper and cut out
  • prepare all pieces
  • assemble.



Step 1. Print out, trace and cut out





Step 2. Prepare the kick tail

The tail is composed of two identical pieces, A and B.


The first piece is glued to the centre of the back panel, matt-to-matt and using a strip of glue twice as wide as normal.


The glue must be applied in a very neat rectangle.  Align both piece carefully and roller.


Then cut up the centre of the glued area.  By attaching the pieces and the cutting we have a perfect edge alignment.


Tape the slit shut using masking tape on the gloss side of the back panel (just visible below).


Prepare the outer edges of both panels.  Use a sheet of paper to ensure that no glue overlaps onto the matt side of the back panel.

Align both pieces carefully and assemble and roller.


Remove the masking tape. You can now see how the pleat works. It naturally springs into the closed position.


Step 3 Assemble the skirt

Clean, glue each seam and protect with cling film.


The front panel…


The rear side panels…


Align each panel carefully, assemble and roller.


The finished skirt


(N.b. The odd shaping on the thighs is due to the dress dummy having legs that stop just below her butt. The texture at the top of the skirt is due to the blouse under the jacket being 1: too long and 2: too flared.)

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